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Cattrick is a master joiner from Southshire. He is a bluff, square man with large callused hands and should-length brown hair. He is described as a stout man with "an easy-natured spirit when his handiwork was not being kindled by vengeance-bent arsonist"[1].

Role in the Story

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from multiple books in the series.

Ships of Merior

Third Age 5646: Cattrick is recruited by Arithon to work at the new shipyard in Merior. His name is not revealed until Fugitive Prince.

Warhost of Vastmark

Third Age 5646: When Tharrick burns down the Merior shipyard, he is captured and ordered tortured by Cattrick. Tharrick reveals nothing, and Cattrick keeps him locked in the boiler shed until Arithon returns. Later, he questions Arithon's drive to finish the final ship.

Third Age 5647: Cattrick follows Arithon to the temporary shipyard in the Cascain Islands, and is in charge when Lady Talith is held there.

Fugitive Prince

Third Age 5648: After receiving word of Lysaer's slavery edict, Arithon travels to the southcoast to recruit Cattrick and other former employees for a conspiracy at Riverton. Cattrick travels to Avenor where he applies for the position of master at the Riverton shipyard. He and his team build a galley which goes missing on its first voyage and ends up at Arithon's base on Corith. It is later named the Evenstar.

Third Age 5652: Cattrick comes to the Laughing Captain Tavern and arranges a meeting with Arithon. He reveals that Arithon's former ship workers have all but taken over operations in the Riverton shipyard, and receives additional payment from Arithon for his subterfuge. During the meeting, Dakar suspects Cattrick of being in league with the Koriathain, but Arithon does not pursue this line of questioning. It turns out that Cattrick was intentionally trying to provoke Arithon to distrust, to avoid betraying him through a Koriani oath of debt sworn to save a younger sister long ago. He later sends a letter to Lysaer in Etarra, warning him of the shipyard plots. Cattrick continues to keep Arithon apprised of the shipyards, and also lets him know when the new ships are ready to sail.

Third Age 5653: After the conspiracy is exposed, Lirenda and the Koriathain preside over a tribunal at the shipyards, using spells on Arithon's conspirators to reveal the truth. She advises Cattrick to become Lysaer's man, now that his double-cross is common knowledge.

Grand Conspiracy

Third Age 5653: Cattrick continues to work at the shipyard, and walks Lysaer through production problems. Through a circumspect interaction, Mearn and Cattrick both realize that they are on Arithon's side, and make plans to sabotage the next fleet.

Third Age 5654: Just after the new fleet is launched, the shipyard is burned to the ground and Cattrick disappears along with his senior craftsmen. With help from Maenol's clansmen, they make it to the coast to be picked up by the s'Brydion state galley, and are then secreted away to Alestron. In interviews with the remaining shipyard workers, Lysaer learns that Cattrick and his closest henchmen had removed their families from Riverton during the month leading up to the fire.

Stormed Fortress

Third Age 5671: Cattrick continues to work in secret at Alestron through the siege, when he is about 60 years old. Fionn Areth visits the sea quarter to pose questions about Cattrick's loyalty just as the Evenstar approaches Alestron. Cattrick knocks the boy out of the way for his insolence. From the top of the Sea Gate, Cattrick receives coded signals from the Evenstar and realizes the crew's ruse to appear damaged. He sends Fionn Areth to warn Arithon.

After the destruction of the Evenstar, Cattrick orders his men to rebuild the Evenstar for sabotage. Fionn Areth assists with the repairs, but is knocked unconscious by Cattrick's laborers when he volunteers to join the covert attack. Cattrick's plan goes awry when the Evenstar explodes inside the harbor egress due to the actions of a shipwright enspelled by the Koriathain. Cattrick convinces Fionn Areth that his loyalty remains with Alestron and the pair race up the waterway to seal the postern against further invasion. After Vhandon and Talvish enter the sewers, Cattrick is felled by a crossbow quarrel.


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