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Caithwood is the major forest in Taerlin, Tysan, designated as a free wilds area under the Compact. This designation requires strict harmony with the earth, and no live wood can be taken without proper blessing and permissions.

The forest contains oak trees and copper beech trees. It sits between the Tornir Peaks and Mainmere Bay, and a trade road runs from northeast to southwest through it.

Role in the Story

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from multiple books in the series.

Grand Conspiracy

Third Age 5653: Following the affair at Riverton, Lysaer gives orders to burn Caithwood and flush out any remaining clansmen. Given right to act by threat to the land, Asandir seeks out the patriarch tree to enable an awakening of the trees as a defense. Any man intent on harming the forest is struck down into a senseless sleep, and the remaining clansmen are cautioned not to use fire and steel within the forest. This awakening lasts for many years, with some secluded pockets remaining aware for much longer. The after effects of the awakening include interrupted travel and trade, a rise in persecution of mage talent, and the diversion of more local funds towards the Alliance cause.

Third Age 5654: After Sethvir negotiates a writ of protection for the forest, the sleeping troops awaken but are no longer fit for the duties of a soldier, having dreamed the peace of the trees.

Initiate's Trial

Third Age 5923: Fleeing from the True Sect, Arithon and Tarens end up in Caithwood. Arithon requests sanctuary in Paravian before the scouts can kill them. After he has a vision of Caithwood's total destruction, he devises an ingenious weaving of his Masterbard's talent, Asandir's ancient wards, and echoes of Paravian magic into a single defense of the free wilds.