Baiyen Gap

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Baiyen Gap is a centaur-built trail through the Skyshiel Mountains, connecting Daon Ramon Barrens to the coast along Eltair Bay. The trail is made of fitted stone too narrow for a wagon or team. It is sacrosanct under the Compact, and mankind does not have free permission to tread here.


The trail was the site of a battle between dragons in the Age of Dragons, and later offered swift passage for Paravians in the First Age as they battled Khadrim.

Role in the Story

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Peril's Gate.

Third Age 5670: Arithon is pursued to Ithamon by a spell-turned group of guardsmen from Jaelot. Some guardsmen cut down trees and create bonfires in an attempt to ward off hauntings.