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At the beginning of the story, Avenor is a Second Age ruined Paravian stronghold in Korias, Tysan, less than ten leagues from the West Gate. Fear of the ruins forces landbound trade between West End and Hanshire to go inland by way of Melor.


Avenor was built in the Second Age by centaur masons to defend the port. It was ceded to mankind under the Compact and was the traditional seat of s'Ilessid high kings.

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from The Decoy.

After Avenor was ceded to mankind, Tehaval Warden added warded protections to an escape exit deep within the palace, keyed to the s'Ilessid and s'Gannley lineages. The exit was previously used by Sunchildren during Second Age attacks by drake spawn.


Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Ships of Merior.

Six years after the Battle of Strakewood, Lysaer requests the authority to restore Avenor from the Mayor Elect of Korias. The legality of this request is suspect, since Lysaer has not been sanctioned for rule by the Fellowship. Despite this, it is granted, and the restoration begins in Third Age 5645. By late winter in 5646 (when Lady Talith arrives), a single tower is nearing completion, and Lysaer has a standing army of 4000. One third of the army is guarding roads in Caithwood. The remainder are training on the grounds of Avenor.

The restoration of Avenor is funded, in part, by the coffers of Etarra, and the Etarran guildsmen often bemoan the constant drain on the treasury. However, the restoration has the benefit of restoring the trade road between West End and Hanshire. Avenor becomes the ruling seat of the Alliance of Light in Third Age 5648. Leftover Paravian stones were abandoned east of the city during the restoration.

State Palace

The state palace overlooks the central plaza, Sunwheel Square. The south wing of the state palace features a hexagonal tower kept locked and barred. It is built from kiln-fired masonry edged with field-hewn granite, and a crenellated guard walk encircles the turret.

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Fugitive Prince.

High-ranking members of the Alliance of Light meet on the third floor of this building, and Lady Talith is kept in seclusion at the top.

Destruction of Avenor

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Traitor's Knot and Stormed Fortress.

The state palace and the dungeon underneath are burned to slag in Third Age 5671 by Lysaer's gift of light to prevent the dead from rising under the throes of necromancy. This destruction is blamed on Arithon. Drake skulls used to hide the plotting of the Light's inner cabal go missing in the wreckage, triggering the notice of the living drake, Seshkrozchiel. In the same year, Seshkrozchiel completely razes the town of Avenor to prevent the skulls from reaching consciousness and spawning a new grimward. Thousands of humans are killed in this destruction, with the injured and burned left at large in Tysan.

Following the Siege of Alestron, Sulfin Evend is ordered by the Fellowship to remove all squatters from the destruction at Avenor. The town is not rebuilt, and Lysaer can no longer use it as a crown seat.

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Initiate's Trial.

It is revealed that Seshkrozchiel's destruction unbalanced the lane flux across Tysan, leading to an increase in disharmony and disease.

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Destiny's Conflict.

It is revealed that Avenor was never rebuilt due to a Fellowship edict. Lysaer supported this edict and transfered the authority of the Sunwheel religion to Erdane.


  • After the attack on Werpoint, the maimed and their families are offered a haven at Avenor by Lysaer.
  • Avenor holds a Summer Solstice festival which is just barely tolerated by Cerebeld and his acolytes, given its roots in Paravian traditions.
  • Renting a livery mount in town costs a coin tax for the Light.