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Ath's Adepts, also called the White Brotherhood, are an order of humans on Athera who maintain an unsullied connection to Ath and the prime vibration. Although human, they are the closest to the Paravian standard of consciousness, and do not intervene in the affairs of men or proselytize to gain new followers. Ath's initiates hold no doctrine or creed. When they interact with other beings, there is generally a balance of Male and Female frequency -- a female supplicant is met by a male adept. In the days before the Alliance of Light, adepts were often called upon to bless wedding ceremonies.

Adepts generally dress in robes of white linen, threaded at the hem and collar with seals of gold and silver.

Scholars suggest that should the world fall to entropy, the adepts would simply fade from Athera, much as the Paravians did.[1]


Ath's Brotherhood started roughly around Third Age 150 as human interaction with the Paravians led to backlash illness and madness. Originally these were cared for by the charitable ranks of the Koriathain, however, their infirmaries were sited in the towns, and the bigger portion of the problem afflicted clan folk in the free wilds. The White Brotherhood was formed to redress this with their hostels sited in quiet, remote places.[2]


  • The adepts burn torches at the entryway of their hostels when expecting a royal visitor. This is described as one of Athera's most time-honored customs.
  • Within hostels, no man holds ruling privilege over any other man.
  • Any beast in a harness is released, if left outside a hostel.
  • Before the formation of the Alliance of Light, adepts were often called upon to perform marriages, even within towns. Lysaer's second wedding is held in accordance with Town Law and the Brotherhood is not invited to officiate.
  • It is common knowledge on Athera that humans can claim sanctuary at a hostel of the Brotherhood. Allies of Arithon do so in Ships of Merior to escape persecution.
  • Ath's Adepts eschew violence.


Ath's Adepts establish their presence in hostels throughout Paravia. What some humans mistake for neglect of their grounds is actually a reverence for all growing things. Because hostels are tied into the prime vibration, their interiors often seem much larger than expected from the outside. All hostels are joined by means of the Sacred Grove.

There used to be an enclave in Salt Fens, but it was drained of its power to help stem the initial incursion of the Mistwraith through the South Gate.

Entry to a hostel involves three distinct thresholds which must be crossed with informed consent. The first is at the outer marker stones in front of the entry. The second lies inside the hostel at the gateway to the inner sanctuary that strips sensory perception and shifts consciousness to the analogue symbols conceived by the psyche. The third is the etheric gateway accessed through the pool or spring within, which expands consciousness beyond incarnate bounds.[3]


  • Because the Mistwraith is, itself, a part of Ath's creation, the Adepts will not intervene or embrace any part of the conflict against them.
  • When Ath's Adepts engage a portal to tap the prime life chord, random visitations from small animals often occur.
  • Rarely, Ath's Adepts contact Dakar via a gentle, feather touch channeled from the prime source.
  • In Curse of the Mistwraith, the tavern where Asandir, Dakar, and the half-brothers stay after leaving Erdane is an abandoned hostel.
  • In Peril's Gate, Ath's Adepts receive their first new adept in a hundred years.


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