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Arithon s'Ffalenn, also known as "Master of Shadow" or the Shadow Master, is the prince of Rathain and one of the two half-brothers who came to Athera from Dascen Elur via the Worldsend Gate. He has green eyes and black hair.

Arithon is the 1,504th Teir s'Ffalenn since the founder of the line, Torbrand s'Ffalenn, and the son of Avar s'Ffalenn. He carries the gifts of two royal lines: from his father, compassion, and from his s'Ahelas mother, foresight. He also has the gift of controlling elemental shadow, which enables him to cast shadows and darkness, shape illusion, and in extreme cases, cause the temperature within the area of influence to plummet.

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Curse of the Mistwraith.

As revealed in a Koriani character scan, Arithon has a musician's sensitivity supported by a depth of generosity and caring. He guards his vulnerable heart through sharp words and temper. His conscience over past deaths and mistakes paired with the gift of foresight from his s'Ahelas mother have made him wary of mixing arcane knowledge and ruling power. When Arithon shares confidence with Asandir at Caith-al-Caen, he reveals the following:

. . . a lonely boy, raised in the company of elderly mages who had all loved him at a distance. He had grown without a mother's affection, but hereditary compassion had turned him from resentment. He readily forgave what he did not understand, and defined his joy through his competence. Praise for his achievements kept him from discovering the depts of his isolation, the cost of that misapprehension still yet to be paid.[1]


After the death of his mother, he was raised and trained by the mages of Rauven. Five years before the beginning of the story, he was called by Avar s'Ffalenn to become an heir to Karthan, and he left Rauven two years later.

Role in the Story

Given the prominent role that this character plays in the story, plot events have been organized onto separate pages for each book.



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