Song of the Mysteries

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Song of the Mysteries is the eleventh and final volume in the Wars of Light and Shadow by Janny Wurts. The entirety of Story Arc V will be published in this single book.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will Song of the Mysteries be published?

Janny provides regular updates on her writing progress in the Song of the Mysteries: Status Updates thread on her Official Forum. As of January 16, 2023, the final draft is complete and being proofed. Janny expects to hand the manuscript over to the publisher in March 2023.

Next steps include proofreading, coordination with the publisher to determine a publication date, glossary creation, cover art, interior art, and more. The final publication date will be announced as soon as it has been set in stone by the publisher.

How can I keep up with the book's progress?

Janny regularly posts updates about her writing progress on her Official Forum, where you can connect with other fans and speculate about the ending of the series. She has posted two sneak peek excerpts from the book (Preview 1 and Preview 2). You can also follow Janny on your favourite social media platform for additional updates:

Why is the publishing timeline so unpredictable?

Many factors have affected the publishing of the series since Curse of the Mistwraith was released, from the "Book Store Death Spiral" phenomenon, to erratic publishing arrangements, to the inherent difficulty in completing a series in the manner it deserves. The role of an author has also grown more complicated, requiring regular social media outreach, website maintenance, side jobs to supplement writing income, and unexpected life challenges -- all of these reduce the amount of time a modern author can devote to pure writing. Janny has always been candid about her intention to deliver perfection in the finale.

How can I show my support for this series?

The level of support and outreach that publishers devote to new book releases is directly tied to arcane bookseller algorithms that boil books down to a simple (sometimes misleading) number. In this challenging environment, the best thing that series fans can do is increase the visibility of the series through organic support and promotion on social media and established forums.

  • Create honest ratings and reviews on book seller and review sites like Amazon and Goodreads.
  • When conversations or buddy reads about the books arise, respectfully join in and share the reasons behind your fandom or link to this page to dispel misconceptions about the series.

Grassroots support is key to raising awareness when the success of the series might boil down to an impenetrable algorithm!