Adlaize s'Ahelas

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Adlaize is a member of the s'Ahelas family in Shand just after the invasion of the Mistwraith. He has springy, brown hair and a slender build.

Adlaize has an aging mother in Innish and a half-sister by marriage, Lisianne.

Role in the Story

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from The Gallant.

Third Age 4995: Adlaize's uncle, the High King, is called away to defend against the Mistwraith's invasion. The sanctioned crown prince is left behind to rule from Vastmark and 15-year-old Adlaize is named as the next heir apparent in Innish.

Adlaize's half-sister, Lisianne, brings a poisoned, raving Verrain to the protection of the palace. Adlaize deduces the cause as a Koriani conspiracy to undermine crown rule by damaging the sen Dient reputation for discretion. He reveals that the poison turned out to be a mixture of tienelle and bane root. Adlaize decides that Verrain would be safest in the custody of free wilds clansmen, who can either heal him or deliver him to Ath's Adepts in Forthmark. Realizing that Lisianne is in love, he does not argue her decision to accompany Verrain.